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01 Oct Lighten Up

TITLE Lighten Up, 2021 ARTIST LeuWebb Projects LOCATION 3080 Yonge St., Toronto  Ontario  M4N 3N1 DESCRIPTION A moment of wonder, joy, and dismay. Still in sight, but just out of reach. Fabrication: Punchclock Metalworks...

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31 Mar ThreeSidesOneGesture

TITLE ThreeSidesOneGesture, 2019 ARTIST Suzanne Simoni LOCATION Parkway Mall, 85 Ellesmere Road, Toronto  Ontario  M1R 4B7 DESCRIPTION Inspired by the historic architectural curved roof feature of Parkway Mall and the heritage of Maryvale Farm (a breeder and trainer of racehorses circa 1928-1939), ThreeSidesOneGesture curves into an arch through which the community enters and engages...

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26 Nov Galleria Pylon Reimagined

TITLE GALLERIA PYLON REIMAGINED, 2019 ARTIST Thrush Holmes LOCATION Galleria Shopping Centre, intersection of Dupont & Dufferin Streets, Toronto, ON M6H 2A6 DEVELOPER ELAD Canada DESCRIPTION New public art installation illuminates Toronto’s West End A homage to the Dupont West neighbourhood, local artist Thrush Holmes was commissioned to transform this iconic pylon at the site. This 60...

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24 Oct CAN

TITLE CAN, 2017 ARTIST Michelle Cieloszczyk LOCATION 85 Hanna Ave, Liberty Village, Toronto, ON DESCRIPTION A gatekeeper to the shops of liberty, ‘CAN’ is a remnant of the accelerated lifestyle. Its brand-less, textured form is antithetical to the smooth surfaces of consumer goods. The reconstructed skinny can is a waste object made clean...

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