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Yifat Sara Pearl

Yifat Sara Pearl


Yifat has over 10 years of collaborative art consultancy experience. She specializes in curating special art projects, and fundraising.

Yifat believes in the synergy between arts and scientific knowledge, and recently presented multiple exhibitions and projects that demonstrate the relationship between the two.

She is the Assistant Curator in the Tel Aviv University Art Gallery of Israel, and the founder of the Tel Aviv Israeli Art Foundation (TIAF), A research foundation for Israeli art within the History of Art Department, Tel Aviv University. Its aim is to encourage research and publications, expanding the public dialogue about Israeli art, and re-examining the role of local art in the international scene.

In her previous position, Yifat lead the unit of Special Courses & Projects in the Faculty of Arts, Tel Aviv University, and managed various art conferences and courses open to the public.
She holds a BA in Business Management, an MA in Philosophy of Sciences and Ideas as well as a Graduate of International Curator Program.