Zebra Public Art Management | Yifat Ringel Biography
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Yifat Ringel Biography


Co-Founder of Zebra

Yifat Ringel is a co-founder of Zebra. She is an Architect by training, with a strong background in Art and Design. She has worked for several years in an award winning architecture firm, specializing in public buildings and urban planning. Prior to establishing Zebra, she held a position for over five years as Design Manager and Construction Project Coordinator at a large publicly held real estate company in Toronto. Yifat has initiated, developed and managed a Canada-wide Art Program that included collaborations with three renowned art Universities. These successful collaborations gave birth to unique public art projects, and gave rise to emerging Canadian artists. As the Company’s in-house curator and design lead, Yifat conceived and spearheaded art and design competitions for new buildings and worked on the development and redevelopment of various large-scale projects, involving the integration of art, architecture, landscape, construction and urban design.

Yifat continues to work on multiple public art projects and art special events. Yifat’s approach to public art is anchored in her extensive knowledge and experience as an urban design specialist, project manager and architect.