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Outdoor Installation, Public Art
About This Project

One and All, 2015

David Constantino Salazar

Halton Hills Village, 361-375 Mountainview Road South, Georgetown, ON

The artist chose the squirrel as a representative of the local wildlife. Squirrels represent leisure, fun and excitement as they are portrayed in popular culture as playful creatures. In the same sense, shopping is a leisurely activity for people as they walk excitedly in and out of shops. Squirrels also represent practicality since they gather and store food in the fall for the cold months ahead. Similarly, people gravitate to shopping centres to acquire their needs all year round.

The giant acorn represents wealth and prosperity, a symbol of ones needs, which can be seen as a metaphor for the shopping centre itself. Rather than have the squirrel gather several acorns, his needs and his family’s needs are met with one giant acorn. The iconic representation of the dove pigeon symbolizes peace and compassion, both animal species living in harmony within a diverse community.