Zebra Public Art Management | Alexandra Correia
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Alexandra Correia

Alexandra Correia

Co-Founder of Zebra

Alexandra Correia is a co-founder of Zebra. Prior to establishing Zebra, she worked for a dynamic publicly held real estate company, for over 15 years. She served as the Company’s Assistant Corporate Secretary and Director of Special Projects.

Alex led selected special projects that require cross-functional engagement with key staff across the organization, and with external stakeholders. She worked on the Health and Safety Steering Committee as well as Corporate Sustainability Council.

One of her most beloved achievements was leading the Company’s Art program. She implemented and managed public art competitions and festivals with three distinguished Universities across Canada. Her multi-faceted experience in the corporate environment, with strengths in project management, event planning, collaborations, communications and superior relationship management skills brings a unique approach to public art and its connectivity to life and people everywhere, everyday.

She has also served on the Board of a non-profit organization and continues to be vested in the interests of her community.